You have been injured in a car accident and, because you have read so many conflicting things on the Internet regarding your accident and how you can bring your claim. People who are injured in a car accident suffer a barrage of medical bills, struggle to return to work, and more when all they should be worried about is recovering and moving on.


Let’s look at some of the ‘car accident myths’ you may have heard before, to give you a head start on your case and guide you through your difficult time.

Every car accident is the same as the next?


No. This is obviously not true, because your car accident could involve many aspects that make it different than another accident. Perhaps you were injured due to someone falling asleep at the wheel, drinking, or a rear-end accident. No matter what the accident, laws dictate how you will be able to recover for your damages. Every state has its own rules as well. It is important that you speak to an attorney about your specific case.

My accident was minor, so it’s okay to leave the scene right away?


You want to avoid legal trouble at all costs, so you want to remain on the scene. If you have been involved in an accident and you have not sustained severe life-threatening injuries, you can take a few steps to ensure your rights. You want to check to ensure that you and the other passengers are okay in your accident, as well as collect information relating to the other vehicle, from the car’s make, model, and license plate information.

You should always exchange information with the other driver and take photos of the accident scene. Talk to witnesses who may have seen your accident take place. Whatever you can do to establish who was at fault will help you compensate for your injuries in the weeks or months to come.

I don’t really need an accident attorney.

You can’t count on your insurance company to take care of everything regarding your accident. Because an insurer may believe that your claim is not worth pursuing, you could be left with mounds of bills related to not having a vehicle, car repair, and most of all, medical treatment for your injuries. For this, you will need a skilled accident attorney to help you.

I feel good enough to leave the scene, so I won’t seek medical treatment.

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You don’t want to make this mistake, as many weeks or months down the line, you could suffer from your injuries and be in immediate need of financial help for your treatment. Many injuries that stem from car accidents are complicated and take time to manifest, such as neck and back injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Because of this, you should always seek help from an experienced healthcare professional, no matter how you feel.

At Accident Law Group, we can help if you have sustained serious injuries in your car accident. Don’t rely on the insurance company to cover everything, as you could be setting yourself up for failure as you await payment for things like medical treatment and loss of income.

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